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Cardiff Council is proposing to increase the number of one cut sites for the forthcoming grass cutting season for 2023.

In a statement to Councillor Sean Driscoll the council said "The implementation of this proposal will see an increase of 110 hectares of new one cut grassland sites, which will bring a total of one cut sites across the city to 197.7 hectares. Where appropriate paths will be cut through the proposed one cut sites to encourage visitors and residents to walk through and enjoy the increase biodiversity."

The Mathew Walk Open Space is one such site affected by the proposal.


Councillor Driscoll has said to the Danescourt Community Association (DCA) "I recognise the benefits of introducing pollinators and areas for birds to feed. But personally, I’m not in favour of allowing the grass to grow in some areas of Parkland in front of houses. . This is also an area well used by children for ball games. A well cut grassed area in front of houses has a visual amenity benefit. Allowing the grass to grow I feel makes an area such as this look unkept."


The DCA will discuss the proposal at its meeting on 20th March at 8pm in St John's Church Hall, please attend the meeting to express your views.  If you are not able to attend the meeting then please let us know your views using our contact form

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