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The Danescourt Community Association, formerly the Danescourt Residents Association has the interests of the residents of Danescourt at it heart. It continues the original aims and over the last 30 years, it has supported, lobbied for, objected to, and been the voice of the residents of Danescourt for many issues.

The DCA also contributes to the North West Cardiff Group (NWCG) along with Creigiau and Pentyrch Community Council, St Fagan’s Community Council, Radyr & Morganstown Society and the Llandaff Civic Society and has links with the Cardiff Civic Society. The NWCG, is a group of mostly professional or retired professional people that want Cardiff to be the best city it can be. Over the last few years it has put in many hours with suggestions and objections to the Local Development Plan, proposals for the metro and is in a constant battle to get the highway and transportation infrastructure improved for the housing developments that are taking place in the north west of Cardiff.

If you would like to play a part in your community please come and join us on the third Monday of every month at St John’s Hall, Danescourt at 8pm. You do not have to join the committee but if you feel you could offer your time please come along. We regularly have the Councillors in attendance and there are often updates from the North West Cardiff Group and the Police And Communities Together (PACT) meetings.

Edgar Gibbs

DCA Chair

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Welsh Water Sewerage work at De Braose Close PDF Print E-mail

Welsh Water have built a track at the end of De Braose Close into the woods as they wish to install a sewage pipe that will connect to a Pumping Station in Hailey Park, so that the sewage will flow to Cardiff Waste Water Treatment Works as an alternative to Cog Moors Waste Water Treatment Works.


The pipe will be connected to a valve installed in the system and controlled via a cabinet placed at the end of De Braose Close. The pipe will pass deep underneath the railway and river and connect to an underground pumping station accessed by the lane to the Hailey Park changing rooms from Ty-Mawr Road.


This work is due to the Plasdŵr development, which will connect to the sewage pipe in Herbert March Close. Work is planned to start mid 2022. Further details are on the Cardiff Planning System here

The location of the De Braose cabinet and the Hailey Park pumping station are on this map.

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Consultation - Cycleway 4.2 Western Avenue to Llandaff PDF Print E-mail
Cardiff City Council have opened a consultation on a Cycleway route connecting with Cycleway 4.1 which connects the City Centre to Western Avenue. Cycleway 4.2 will extend this as far as the former BBC Llandaff vehicle entrance on Llantrisant Road, with the intention of extending the Cycleway to Plasdŵr and beyond in the future. The consultation document can be found here
‘Danescourt Park’ – Construction of 2 Ponds PDF Print E-mail
Cardiff City Council will start the construction of 2 Ponds in the ‘Danescourt Park’ – a green field / park bordered by Llantrisant Road (from the Radyr Filling Station to Heol Isaf), a path from Heol Isaf to Radyr Comprehensive School, and the Danescourt Estate. There are paths from Heol Isaf to Herbert March Close and Buckley Close .
Plan of proposed ponds
Click here to open the image full size
The double ponds are on the right hand side of this diagram near the gardens of Herbert March Close. The temporary vehicle only access situated within the precinct of a Toucan crossing on Llantrisant Road will be made permanent for Council Parks maintenance or emergency access.
The above diagram also shows the ponds around the Llantrisant Road / Heol Isaf junction that are part of the Plasdŵr surface water scheme managed by Redrow under Cardiff Council planning application  21/00645/MJR. This is the only information online about the Council ponds and is not part of any planning application.
Cardiff Council have stated that they are acting under their permitted powers to disperse the highway surface water as Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water sewers will not have the capacity to accept it. The ponds' capacity is stated as coping with a maximum rainfall event that occurs once in 100 years plus 40% 
About half the park has already been fenced off as a construction site, and the access road and ponds excavation will begin soon.
There is no information on the Council website other than the Redrow planning application for this scheme for Attenuation Ponds or Basin.
This Danescourt Community Association has posed 20 Questions formally to the Council and will be publishing their responses. Clarification has also been requested as to what permitted powers have been used for this scheme and why was there no consultation nor advance notice. 
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20 metre 5G mobile telephone mast in Llantrisant Road – now a New Site on Danescourt Way PDF Print E-mail

Update 10 April 2021

The pre-planning application has been refused, with the recommendations –

Recommendation 1: That Prior Approval is REQUIRED for reason that: The appearance and siting of the development would have a significant impact upon its surroundings.

Recommendation 2: That Prior Approval be REFUSED for reason that: The appearance and siting of the development would have an adverse impact upon local amenity and the character of the surrounding residential area, particularly the adjoining residential dwelling at No. 1 Heol Urban


UPDATE   8 January 2021


Telefonica-O2 have lodged a pre-planning application, reference, PRAP/21/00005/MNR, with Cardiff Council, to site the 20 metre mast on Danescourt Way, between the path to Douglas Close and Heol Urban. this is an update to the previous application, which has been withdrawn.

Planning documents are available at –


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