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Chairman's Christmas Message PDF Print E-mail

As 2012 comes to a close it is a good time to reflect. We have had the Queens Jubilee where neighbours got together for street parties. Now we are in a situation where there is a proposal for developing 7500 houses on our doorstep. Everyone I have spoken to is against the proposal. The DCA has reacted to this and produced Q&As, a flyer and a model form on the website, to help with the difficult process of consultation. These are two examples of the community in action. As Christmas approaches it is the time of goodwill within the community.

With the recent cold weather, people are being reminded to look out for each other, especially our elderly residents, to help keep them safe and warm throughout the winter months. If you have any elderly neighbours please check up on them daily to ensure they are keeping warm and give them that extra bit of support.

When roads and footways become icy, some of our elderly residents will struggle to get supplies from the local shops. If you can help get supplies, or assist them back and forward to shops, please do, they will greatly appreciate your help.

Likewise, if you have some spare time, help the elderly residents by making sure their pathways are clear of ice and snow, and if possible help clear some of the public pathways.

Not sure about clearing paths? Here's a very useful link to Cardiff Council Snow Code 

Throughout the year the DCA has been involved in a number of issues and we will continue through 2013. If you would like to play a part in our community, please come and join us at the meetings on third Monday of every month at St John's Hall at 8pm. You do not have to join the committee, but if you feel you could offer your time then this would be welcomed.

Finally I would like to extend my best wishes to everyone for Christmas and the New Year.

DCA Supports the New Mothers and Toddlers Group PDF Print E-mail

Following a committee meeting it was agreed to present the Mothers and Toddlers Group with £100 towards the setting up costs. As Chair, I went to a busy group of mothers and toddlers led by Donna Wilson (centre), on Wednesday and handed over the cheque. We wish the group success and that the mothers and toddlers of Danescourt will benefit from these meetings.

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Please help us take action on the Cardiff Council Local Development Plan PDF Print E-mail

We believe that building 10,000 homes along the Llantrisant Road - 7,500 between St Fagans and Radyr, 2,500 north of the M4 and South of Creigiau - will create misery from sunrise to sunset and particularly in the morning rush hour on the Llantrisant Road through Llandaff. The Council has no transport infrastructure plan to deal with this problem other than a vague suggestion of bus corridors.

Danescourt Community Association has been advised that the Council is more likely to take note of a large number of personal objections to its Preferred LDP Strategy than it would to a large number of names attached to a petition.

The Association has therefore prepared a standard response, as a Word document, which systematically objects to the Council's plans.

Each resident is urged to download the Association's prepared standard response, add their contact details to the first page, save the document and then email it as an attachment to a short note to [email protected]

Alternatively, any resident who either disagrees with any part of the Association's standard response or wishes to augment some part of it can easily do so as it is a 'Word' document.

To do this, download and save the document, amend it where desired, add your contact details to the first page, save the document and email it as an attachment to a short note to [email protected]

Either way, it is essential to send the email to the Council no later than 14th December 2012 as any comments received after that date will not be considered. It is hoped that by this process each resident with access to a computer will have a simple means of making their views known to the Council.

You are urged to do this for your community.

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Council Plans to Build 7,500 Homes On Our Doorstep! PDF Print E-mail

Councillors in Cardiff have approved plans for the largest expansion of the city for more than half a century, with 45,400 new homes being built by 2026.

The biggest single proposal is for 7,500 homes in a new suburb west of Pentrebane to Radyr.

Danescourt Community Association are concerned at the proposal and will be pro-active in its objection to building so many homes on its doorstep, creating a new estate on such a scale, having a major impact on those living nearby. We also oppose building on green areas and will vigorously campaign against it. We hope to join other interested parties or groups who are also affected.

Details of the plans and and how to get involved can be found on the Council's website



Danescourt Church Hall, Monday, December 17th at 8:00pm

Working for the Community

If you are unable to attend the meeting then please get in touch with your views via our contact page

Download our poster

Details of the Cardiff Local Development Plan public meetings and exhibitions are included in the November issue of the Capital Times and online at Cardiff City Council's website

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