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Danescourt Post Office is probably going to close in March 2017 because the government are imposing a
new contract on community post offices which will reduce their income by £10,000 a year. Our local post
mistress Tracy Paynter cannot afford this loss, She has no option but to resign. The government is viewing
such resignations as voluntary and so Tracy will receive no redundancy pay. Tracy is the main victim of this
injustice but our whole community will be affected as residents will have to go to Plasmawr Post Office.
For those without a car this is a substantial walk and for those with mobility issues, it would be too
strenuous, as Waterhall Road is very steep.

There is a solution. Our Coop supermarket could house a small post office counter which would be
financially viable for Tracy as rent is her main outgoing. The Coop seemed to be initially enthusiastic, but
there has been no progress. If we, the residents, were to lobby the Coop head office then we would have a
fighting chance of keeping our post office services and helping Tracy to keep her job.
A petition for Danescourt residents to sign will be kept in the post office but to get enough signatures we
need to raise awareness. If you are willing to leaflet a street in Danescourt, you can collect copies of this
flyer from the post office and let Tracy know which street you will cover. 

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